Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cypriot lemons facing downward trend

Worldwide, demand for lemons is on the rise, partly because of a focus on positive health effects. Importers in Europe look back on the overseas season with satisfaction. The 2015 harvest around the Mediterranean has started with the Turkish lemons entering the market first, followed by the harvest in Spain and Italy. The prospects are reasonably positive. Although the estimated volume for Spain turns out lower than last year, it's around the multi-annual average. Shortages later in the season are being reckoned with though.

In the United States, the harvest has started, and there are rumours of demand surpassing supply. China can rely largely on domestic cultivation for year-round supplies.
The lemon cultivation on Cyprus is decreasing, the export has virtually stopped. The production volumes of lemons turn out lower and the majority of the harvest is sold on the domestic market. Last year, the total export of the Mediterranean island amounted to a measley 2000 tonnes, negligible compared to other products. In the past 15 years, a large part of the acreage was removed. The current economic situation doesn't encourage growers to invest in lemon production either, because they don't have a long-term perspective.

In the summer months, the island depends on import, particularly from Argentina, the rest of the year Cypriot production is able to meet domestic demand.

It's time for a radical change on the island: let's start growing lemons again together, because only together we can change the world.

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